Pub on the Hill is all about getting back to basics. We wanted to create a space where people could share great food, great drinks and great times.

We started with our tables. Each of our tables is made from one solid piece of Red Maple, with its natural “live” edge on each side. Each one is unique and we’re sure you’ll find a favorite. Our bar tops are also made from single lengths of Ash, so each spot at the bar is a little different. We hand sanded and varnished them lightly to preserve their natural feel and beauty. Tables are a place where conversations are born and memories are created. We wanted our tables to be the catalyst for these conversations. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Great food and drinks are essential to memorable times around a table. We start with top quality, fresh ingredients and make our food from scratch. We use local sources whenever possible. We grind our own meats, allowing you to have your burger cooked to your taste. Our menu changes frequently as we are inspired by the new offerings of the season. We offer great selections from our local craft breweries, distilleries, cideries and wineries.

Come taste, share and celebrate with us!